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Green Energy Growth Pushes School Expansion

Growth in Green Energy Sector Pushes Expansion of Vancouver, WA Vocational School

NW Renewable Energy Institute: Due to the high demand for qualified wind turbine technicians, Northwest Renewable Energy Institute (NW-REI) of Vancouver, Washington has expanded its available classroom space from 9,026 square feet to 14,526 square feet. NW-REI offers a six-month Wind Turbine Technician training course, and this expansion provides additional classrooms to accommodate the rise in numbers of enrolling students.

“Having additional classrooms allows us to accommodate more students “says Tracy Rascoe, Director, regarding their recent expansion. “We have had such a strong response from applicants wanting to enroll in the program that we had to expand the space much sooner than we anticipated. We are fortunate that additional space was available adjacent to our current classrooms. We considered this when we signed our original lease, knowing that we’d expand if the demand was there. The demand is definitely there,” says Rascoe.

NW-REI began offering classes in July of 2009. New classes begin every month, each month accommodating a maximum of 48 students with 24 in each class.

Opportunities for advancement in this career are on the rise as the industry continues to expand. “Growth in the wind energy industry is expected to grow 12% annually for the next 20 years,” says Arch Miller, NW-REI Founder and Chairman.

NW-REI is a division of the International Air & Hospitality Academy (IAHA) family of trade schools, operating in Vancouver, Washington since 1979. IAHA and its affiliated schools NW-REI and Northwest Culinary Institute are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). There have been three graduating classes from NW-REI totaling ninety-eight graduates and many graduates have been placed in jobs across the United States.

“It’s gratifying in this economy that for the very affordable tuition of $12,000, a student can go from an unsatisfying career, or perhaps from being laid off, to finding a stable career in a growing industry in just six months,” says Rascoe.

Northwest Renewable Energy Institute regularly offers informational sessions to students interested in enrolling. Upcoming informational sessions will be held at the IAHA campus, 2901 E. Mill Plain Boulevard, Vancouver, WA 98661 at the following times:

• Saturday March 20th 10:30am-12noon

• Monday March 22nd 6pm-7:30pm

Over the past 30 years more than 25,000 graduates have launched successful careers following an educational foundation received in one if IAHA’s Air, Culinary, Hospitality, or Wind programs.

Contact: Colleen Piller, Director of Marketing
Northwest Renewable Energy Institute
Tel: (360)695-2500