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Polls:Recession not over, let business help not government

Polls show recession not over, and publis wants business to help not government 82% of Americans think the recession is not over 62% said business will play a larger role in helping the economy recovery than government 45% rated the economy as the most important issue 62% believe economic growth should take priority over environment

FLIR Hopes to Bring Military Technology into the Home

FLIR Hopes to Bring Military Technology into the Home By Oregon Small Business Association, Little-known Flir Systems (FLIR), the world leading provider of infrared technology used by militaries across the globe, hopes to bring its technology to motor vehicles.  FLIR’s success booms despite the recession because of the need for infrared technology, especially during a […]

Natural gas prices set to go down

Natural gas prices set to go down By Oregon Small Business Association Some consumers are set to benefit from a poor economy, as all three Oregon natural gas providers requested reduced rates in filings sent to the Oregon Public Utilities Commission.  The companies, Northwest Natural Gas, Cascade Natural Gas and Avista Utilities asked for rate […]

Weyerhaeuser sells Oregon timberland

Weyerhaeuser sells Oregon timberland Weyerhaeuser Company announced recently that it has agreed to sell approximately 140,000 acres of timberland in Oregon to an entity affiliated with the Campbell Group LLC for around $300 million. The sale is expected to close in the third quarter of 2009.  The transaction is expected to contribute approximately $100 million […]

Bush pollution rules overturned

Bush pollution rules overturned A federal appeals court recently over turned rules established by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Bush administration that allowed power plants and factories to emit pollution over established limits if those entities bought pollution credits. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit found that the EPA rules were […]

Media Suffers from Recession

Media Suffers from Recession By Oregon Small Business Association As the nation faces one of the worst recessions in its history, media groups feel the affects of lowered spending.  The owner of Portland’s channel 6 KOIN TV station entered chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware, under a financial restructuring plan with debt holders.  In addition, […]

Hard times hit Oregon dairy farmers

Oregon Small Business Association, 7-11-09, Oregon dairy farmers are in a bind.  The cost of producing a gallon of milk is higher than what farmers can sell it for.  This has forced dairy famers to live on credit and hope milk prices increase soon to stave off potential bankruptcies. A number of factors have contributed […]

Struggling economy puts the brakes on PC sales growth

Struggling economy puts the brakes on PC sales growth BY Oregon Small Business Association PC sales growth in the U.S. continues to take a beating at the hands of the economic recession.  Yet, one glimmer of hope remains:  laptop computers. Dell Computer recently announced declining quarterly profit and revenue results.  Hewlett-Packard also announced similar weak […]

EU fines Intel for being successful

Acccording to the New York Times, the European Commission’s recent antitrust ruling and record $1.45 billion fine of the chip maker was misguided and mistaken and anti-competition. “By any reasonable application of a consumer-harm test, the antitrust claim that Intel is driving down prices—and so making computers less expensive—would be laughed out of U.S. court. […]

Digital Records receive both accolades and warnings

The push for digital medical records, fueled by $19 billion from the federal stimulus package, would completely change the way doctors prescribe and practice medicine—by digitizing the entire medical record-keeping process.  Backers say such technology will cut costs and save lives.  But a growing body of research suggests potential challenges According to The Portland Business […]