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OSBA PAC: The 5 Race Strategy

Five races that will change the future of our state and the future of your business:

1 Governor

The governor of Oregon controls every state agency, and has the power to veto legislation. This election year provides a rare opportunity to elect as governor Chris Dudley, who owns a business and wants to empower Oregon businesses to prosper and grow. Oregon’s small businesses could not have a friend in a more powerful place.

4 State Senate Seats

Of the thirty members in the Oregon State Senate today, twelve are staunch defenders of Oregon’s economic engine: small businesses. This year we have the opportunity to add four seats to their ranks, creating a solidly business-friendly majority in the Senate.
“I am running for the Oregon State Senate to change the direction of Oregon. The support of Oregon’s business community is crucial if we are going to be successful in turning our course towards prosperity.”

Alan Olsen
Senate Candidate
Owner, Custom Construction Svcs.

The Oregon Small Business Association PAC believes that the outcome of these five races will determine the direction of Oregon for a generation to come.

By targeting their support for these races, small businesses could completely alter the course of Oregon’s business policy. This is a rare opportunity that could have huge financial implications for the future.