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About Us

The Oregon Small Business Association is dedicated to promoting a positive business environment through education, research, lobbying and legal action on the federal, state, county and local level.

The Inexcusable Problem: Oregon has ranked in the top 10 highest unemployment states for 18 of the past 34 years.

This 34-year job problem can be fixed, and must be fixed! Oregon small businesses are being drowned in an ever-growing wave of regulations from different governing bodies, creating confusion and expense that burdens emerging small businesses. The increasing of business taxes, fees, and surcharges on the business community and its customers has created a climate that stifles progress and is unfriendly to small businesses.

“Small businesses and employers are the key to the future prosperity of Oregon. The Oregon Small Business Association PAC is making the investments needed to set Oregon up for success.”

Frank Morse
Oregon State Senator
Chairman, Morse Bros.

The Oregon Small Business Association’s priorities are to drive the following initiatives:

  • Elimination of Oregon’s capital gains tax
  • Elimination of Oregon’s death tax
  • Small Business “Bill of Rights” program
  • Freeze on new business regulations without impact studies that solicit feedback from businesses
  • Increase business property land availability with timely permit process
  • Access to quality trained and educated workforce

The Oregon Small Business Association knows that a new wave of jobs must come from emerging small businesses. These businesses are the ones most negatively impacted by higher tax burdens and increased governmental and legal regulations.

The Oregon Small Business Association is working to protect our vulnerable small business community, and, in doing so, helping to create a more prosperous and thriving Oregon.