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OSBA officially files Tax Parity Initiative


“Local, Family & Small Business Fairness Act” levels the playing field between Oregon’s smallest businesses and large corporations while repelling future attacks on small business by Oregon’s legislature

Portland, Oregon –The Oregon Small Business Association announced today it has filed the “Local, Family and Small Business Fairness Act” for the 2020 November General Election. The ballot measure seeks to make all tax rates, calculations and loopholes afforded to the largest publicly-traded companies automatically available for small and family businesses. The ballot measure is in direct response to Senate Bill 1528, which would gut tax relief for Oregon’s smallest businesses, while providing the wealthiest Oregonians with new tax credits to avoid paying higher federal tax liability. Read more »

SB 1528 hits Small Business with $240 million tax!










Oregon Small Business Association urges a No vote on SB 1528-B

SB 1528 raises a quarter billion in new taxes on Oregon Small Business Read more »

OSBA launches Tax Parity initiative petition










February 22, 2018
For Immediate Release
Contact: TJ Reilly, OSBA President,


“Local, Family & Small Business Fairness Act” levels the playing field between Oregon’s smallest businesses and large corporations while repelling future attacks on small business by Oregon’s legislature Read more »

Capitol Round-up: Business Tax, Hemp, Wolf, Carbon








SB 1528Small business tax.  SB 1528 is a tax only on Oregon Small businesses which will impact many small Oregon family farmers. Last year Congress passed the heralded Tax Reform package which provided small businesses a 20% reduction in taxable income. SB 1528 simply steals away the benefit from Oregon taxes. Sb 1528 only eliminates the tax deduction for small businesses in the 2017 Tax Reform and does not eliminate or touch the tax reductions offered to large corporations. Read more »

New soda tax a nightmare for grocers









Seattle rolled out a beverage tax on Jan. 1 and so far, few positive stories on the implementation have surfaced. But there has been a lot of criticism: Business owners say they received no guidance from the City of Seattle on how to implement the tax and shoppers were surprised at the unexpectedly high expense. Some store owners on Seattle’s border say they’re already losing customers.

Ahmed Mohamed of West Seattle Halal Market tells the Seattle Times, “The customers – they look at the price and then they don’t even talk to you. They just walk away.” Read more »

Reason to start, or not start, a business in Oregon










As the U.S. economy expands more Americans are thinking of starting their own business. Oregon can be a great place to start a business, but also has some challenges they may make a potential entrepreneur think twice about opening shop in the state. Three things that make Oregon a great place for business are the following.

1. Highly educated workforce. In the Portland area, almost half the adult population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Across the U.S., less than one-third of adults have college degree. Oregon’s growing population is a rich source for customers and clients. Read more »

Oregon eclipse tourism data shows something went wrong

Last summer in Oregon was a season of wonder, disaster, and a little bit of an employment mystery.

The August eclipse was predicted to bring one million visitors to the state. Hotels were full. Restaurants stocked up on food and told customers to pay in cash to avoid long lines. With the big boom in business, you’d expect to see a bump—maybe even a big bump—in restaurant and lodging employment.

But, something happened. Read more »

Why is Oregon offering the nation’s most generous Amazon deal?

The “Amazon Effect” has been used to explain the troubles of brick-and-mortar retailers, supply chain disruptions, and even the death “Main Street USA.” Now, as the company is searching for a site for its second headquarters, critics are focusing on the tax incentives the company is taking advantage of. For example, one newspaper headline reports that Oregon gives Amazon more “tax breaks” than any other state. Read more »

Business bills of the 2017 Session


As with several before it, Oregon’s 2017 Legislative Session was no friend to business growth or success. Although it could have been much worse, the Legislature expanded its control over Oregon business in a variety of ways through new laws. Here are a few business owners ought to be aware of: Read more »

HB 2830, Business Sales Tax, unfair to small businesses

By Oregon Small Business Association,

The Oregon Small Business Association opposes HB 2830 and the business sales tax otherwise known as the gross receipts sales tax.

Taxing business sales instead of taxing profits means you are taxing businesses when they are not making a profit. It also means you are taxing small businesses during deep recessions when they can least afford it. This also makes Oregon businesses less competitive during recessions against neighbor states that do not crush small businesses with sales taxes. Read more »