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5% Meals Tax would severely hurt coastal restaurants

By Oregon Small Business Association, Both Newport and Cannon Beach have 5% Meals Tax proposals on the November 2021 ballot. Newport’s tax is Measure 21-205 which would fund public safety, library, parks, facilities and other services. Cannon Beach’s tax measure is ballot 4-210 and it would fund the Fire District and a new City Hall. […]

Portland skipped for both baseball, basketball events

By Oregon Small Business Association Portland worked hard to nab a location for the NCAA women’s Final Four but lost their bid as it was awarded to Tampa in 2025 and Phoenix in 2026. In Baseball, Las Vegas looks like a winner—and Portland a loser—in the effort to recruit the Major League Oakland Athletics to the […]

Food shortage hits restaurants

By Oregon Small Business Association Popular fast-food chain, Taco Bell, is facing ingredient shortages. CBS News reports Taco Bell declined to specify what items were in short supply and how wide-ranging the problems might be, but said, “Due to national transportation delays happening throughout most of the industry, we may temporarily be out of some items…”   Taco Bell […]

Jobless push desperate employers to jack up wages to record levels

By Oregon Small Business Association Employers are desperate for employees, and workers know it. There is rush to rejoin the workforce since Biden extended the $1,200/month jobless bonus effectively paying people more to stay home rather than work. The average wage being requested on job search websites by has risen to $19.43 according to DirectlyApply.com.  A starting […]

SB 139 taxes small business by nearly 20%

  By Oregon Small Business Association, UPDATE JULY 12, 2021: The $50 million small business tax barely passed the Senate on June 21st and House on June 24th.  It is now before the Governor’s desk. Here is a technical description of the bill: Senate Bill 139 raises small business taxes on family owned businesses by […]

Portland downtown facing slow exodus

By Oregon Small Business Association, The vacancy rate in Portland’s central business district hit 19.4 percent during the first quarter of 2021, while the city’s overall vacancy is 14.7 percent. But real estate officials expressed optimism for improvement in the next year or two—especially when compared with the decline of the past year. Numbers are […]

Nike sues over rap star’s Satan shoes

By Oregon Small Business Association Nike has sued MSCHF Product Studio Inc. of trademark infringement after the art collective modified black and red Nike Air Max 97 sneakers with a bronze pentagram charm and drop of human blood and sold them as Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes,” sparking a backlash on social media. The 666 […]

Portland Studio Wins a Grammy

By Oregon Small Business Association Mr. Rogers died in 2003, but his music lives on—and even won a Grammy this year for a Portland company that reissued a compilation of his songs. Omnivore Recordings won the award in the Best Historical Album category for It’s Such a Good Feeling: The Best of Mister Rogers, which […]

Beaverton Restaurant Cheated 39 Workers on Payroll

By Oregon Small Business Association The U.S. Labor Department has ordered the owners of a Beaverton restaurant to pay more than $400,000 in back pay to its 39 employees. Buffet Palace paid a flat monthly wage to its employees, no matter how many hours they worked, resulting at times in an hourly wage of $5, […]

Restaurants Slow to Re-Open Despite Lifted Rules

By Oregon Small Business Association Although Multnomah County restaurants area can reopen to serve customers indoors, many owners and operators hesitate to invest in rehiring workers and restocking kitchens when a spike in coronavirus cases could force them to shut their doors again. The uncertainty for restaurant owners, who have been forced twice in the […]