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Archive for October, 2019

Minimum wage hikes spur bankruptcies

By Oregon Small Business Association, Restaurants Unlimited, a Seattle based company operating 35 upscale and casual restaurants in six states, is one of the latest casualties of recent hikes in the minimum wage.

Oregon pot sales break record

By Oregon Small Business Association, Pot-smoking adults are contributing to the education of Oregon students thanks to a 17 percent state tax on the sale of cannabis.

Oregon shops face two vaping bans

By Oregon Small Business Association, Governor Kate Brown ordered a 180 day ban on flavored vaping products. The order also bans other sources or additives as they are identified in cases of vaping-related lung injuries or deaths. At the same time Oregon largest County, Multnomah County, is also considering a similar local ban.

Fred Meyer, QFC asks customers to leave guns behind

By Oregon Small Business Association, People with concealed weapons permits are being asked to leave them outside if they plan to stop by a Fred Meyer store.