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Archive for December, 2012

Online giants eye Oregon: eBay, Cisco, Facebook, SalesForce, Google

By Oregon Small Business Association eBay is enlarging its footprint in downtown Portland, where it established a mobile development operation when it bought Critical Path Software in 2010. It has added dozens of employees since then and lists additional jobs on its website. eBay will occupy a third floor of its building near Portland State University, […]

Retailers Test Same-day Delivery

By Oregon Small Business Association Giant retailers are offering same-day delivery in selected cities to try to gain a competitive edge. Amazon started same-day delivery several years ago, filling orders from its own warehouses. “Amazon created this monster and everyone has had to jump on board to compete,” expert analyst Kerry Rice told the Wall Street […]

Nike Backs Out of Surfing Business

By Oregon Small Business Association Nike Surfing was launched in 2005 to manufacture and market surfing gear, but after seven years, Nike has decided to roll over its surfing business to its Hurley brand. Nike plans to double its investment in surfing, but it will do so by channeling funds and efforts through Hurley, which it […]

Palm Scans Replacing ATM’s?

By Oregon Small Business Association, Biometric scans may become more available as replacements for ATM’s, PIN’s and other personal ID while increasing security and speeding up check-ins and online transactions. Biometric Technology Biometric scanners use personal characteristics and traits to identify a person. Palm prints, used widely by Japanese ATM’s and Australian police, show a relief […]