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NIKE ad shows how to make critics irrelevant

By Oregon Small Business Association

Media savvy NIKE has delivered an ad that goes to the heart of the James LeBron controversy. A controversy that one CBS Sports analyst said “The hatred of LeBron James is getting totally out of control. It’s starting to make people lose all sense of reality. It’s overwhelming the rational brains of sports fans.”

So the ad delves into the mess by not making statements nor answers but rather asking questions. Dozens of questions. This is exactly the same technique used for Tiger Woods in the heat of his woes. That Tiger ad featured his father’s voice asking questions over a concerned Tiger. This turn-the-tables LeBron advertisement works like a charm. With every question the audience is answering in their own words as if they were there to help LeBron. With so many questions you unwittingly turn against the critics and side with LeBron even though he said nothing to his defense.

For these reasons we give the LeBron NIKE video high marks.