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SB 1528 hits Small Business with $240 million tax!










Oregon Small Business Association urges a No vote on SB 1528-B

SB 1528 raises a quarter billion in new taxes on Oregon Small Business

Small business is already paying higher taxes
– 2017 Health Care Tax
– 2017 Gas tax
– 2017 Vehicle fee increases
– 2017 Payroll tax (transportation)
– 2017 Over 500 fee increases, including occupation licensing
– 2016 Hotel tax
– Local tax increases

Many small businesses during the early growth years are not making a profit, taking on losses and taking on large loan debt as a long investment in the future. Raising taxes on these vulnerable businesses is a terrible idea.

A ΒΌ billion tax decision being passed in emergency session speed is not the type of lawmaking designed for the short special session.