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Only three medical pot shops left

By Oregon Small Business Association

With the legalization of recreational marijuana five years ago, Oregon has seen medical dispensaries of the drug dwindle to only three.

According to the Portland Business Journal, the state was once home to 425 licensed medical dispensaries. Most switched to selling recreational marijuana by the end of 2016, and today the state boasts 622 licensed retailers and another 212 requesting licenses, according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Most of them can sell a higher potency pot for medical use to people showing their medical marijuana cards. They can purchase the drug tax-free.

Two of the three remaining medical dispensaries are in communities that bar recreational marijuana outlets—Western Oregon Dispensary in Sherwood and HWY 30 Cannabis in La Grande. The third is Lionheart Medical Club in Brookings. The Oregon Health Authority regulates medical dispensaries.

Oregon’s last licensed medical cannabis processor closed in December, the Journal reported.

In October 2019, almost 26,000 Oregonians carried medical marijuana cards, down from 68,000 before legalization of recreational cannabis.