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Portland-based Wildfang sues Target’s Wild Fable

(Photo: WildFang T-shirt)
By Oregon Small Business Association,

Wildfang, a company started in Portland in 2013, has filed a lawsuit against Target alleging the department store chain’s new Wild Fable clothing line infringes on its trademark.

In a lawsuit filed Feb. 4 in the U.S. District Court of Oregon, Wildfang contends that both companies sell similar products, such as jackets, pants, shoes, and button-down shirts, which is likely to confuse and deceive consumers.

Wildfang, a company for “badass women” founded and run by women, has built its brand on advocating for feminism, reproductive rights, and immigration. On its website, the company states, “It started with the ‘radical’ belief that a woman has the right to wear whatever the hell she wants and be whoever the hell she wants.”

The complaints asks that Target quit selling the Wild Fable line, recall any clothing in distribution, and give Wildfang all profits from any sales.

A Target representative said the company respects trademarks, but the company hadn’t received any formal paperwork so issued no comment on the lawsuit.