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Oregonians lost $57,000 to fake jobs

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation Job seekers beware. Scammers are after your money and your personal information.

Are Nike, Apple, Google getting a tax pass?

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation An academic hit job by researchers from Denmark and the University of California at Berkeley suggest that companies such as Nike (Facebook, Apple, Google also cited) are taking advantage of so-called “tax havens” to cause billions of dollars of income go “missing.”

Oregon has a secret gas tax

By Oregon Small Business Association The Bend Bulletin recently discovered that people buying gas and diesel at the pumps in Oregon have paid more than $17 million extra since 2016 to subsidize companies that produce low-carbon fuels. But the state Department of Environmental Quality has refused to release the names of the companies that reaped […]

$800 million wine, beer, sin tax to slam small business

By Oregon Small Business Association The Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Oregon Health Authority are seeking to raise $830 million in new sin taxes next year by paying higher taxes for their cigarettes, beer, and wine.   The tax would be be massive hit to consumers pocketbook and would seriously hurt local grocers — hurting smaller […]

Will Portland’s straw ban backfire?

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation Will Portland’s proposal to outlaw straws be an environmental milestone like Oregon’s historic bottle bill or will it be a public fiasco like the California coffee cancer label which became a national mockery and scientifically rebuffed by the state’s own Environmental Health Office?

Restaurants making profits off their restrooms

By Oregon Small Business Association Restaurants and bars in New York City, facing higher costs such as from minimum wage hikes, are selling use of their restrooms and space in their buildings to bring in extra money.

NIKE banned from helping Iran team

By Oregon Small Business Association Iran’s National Soccer team scrambled to find footwear only a few days before competing in the World Cup in Russia this month after Nike announced it could no longer supply the team with boots because of economic sanctions.

10 key factors in baseball coming to Portland

By Oregon Small Business Association A group that includes a former Nike vice president and the former television voice of the Portland Trail Blazers wants to build a major league-ready ballpark.

Marijuana boom forces license halt

By Oregon Small Business Association An overwhelming response from people seeking to grow and sell recreational marijuana has prompted the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to temporarily halt processing of new applications for licenses.

Portland scores high on two start-up rankings

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation This year, Portland ranks as the ninth best city in the United States for entrepreneurs and start-ups, and the eleventh best city for women to start a business.