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Small Business Testimony: How taxes are hurting my business

Small Business Testimony from a Sutherlin store onwer, Paul Rankin.tax_scaled

Why do most politicians feel that raising taxes and doubling fees think this is helping everyone involved. Im now a very small business owner in Sutherlin, Oregon. I use to have 2 video store centers, one in Roseburg and now I only have the Sutherlin store. Both stores grossed about $275,000.00 at one point with 3 business owners, one manager and 8 employees. Now, it’s my wife, myself and one employee. My wife has to work part time at another job and I am now working 6 days a week, (sometimes 14 days stright depending¬† on my only employee hours of pay period of 25hrs). I am only grossing around $120,000.00 per year!

This has become more of a nightmare anymore than of being your own boss and being a business owner. Not only is this a video rental store, but we also sell beer/wine, snacks, sodas and is a tanning outlet. You’d figure I have a lot going for this business.¬† Well not anymore! Between personal property taxes, rising cost of shipping and handling, cost of goods, fuel surcharges for delivery, untilities, rent, labor, insurance, not to mention emergency cost. By the way, My wife and I cannot afford any health care. We are squeaking by anymore!

Now to the very point of this article! It seems that Oregon is trying to follow suit with California on stabbing the people of the state. I was glad when we moved here from California and left behind the higher cost of living. Now it seems that it’s getting to be the same here. I feel strongly that with the economy the way it is now, thought should be given more toward a flat tax system than trying to increase the following;

1. -Vehicle registration
2. -Vehicle title
3. -Death certificate
4. -Gas tax 5-Beer/Wine tax
6. -Business tax
7. -Home deed tax

It seems a “Fair-Share”, “Flat-Tax” sounds a whole lot better at this point. When people purchase anything they pay the same. This would include the Unemployed, Tourist, even the under age in buying idems at the store like candy, toys, sodas, food, buying cars, Appliances, and only exclude the purchase of homes! Yes, Im talking a State Flat Tax System! Seems a fair share of 2% to 2.5% impoised would generate a lot more revenue and not hurt anyone in anyway. What am I to do with riseing cost of beer sales per 6pack from $5.90 (includes deposit) to $7.90?¬† Could this start home brewing and possible health risk of poisining? How would you like to buy and car and pay tax on the manufactures suggested retail price and pay registration fees based on the same? Well this is why my wife and I left California!

I really urge lawmakers to think more into the effects that this is doing to futher weaken the people in Oregon to pay for the PORK we really don’t need. There has to be a better way then what is proposed at this point. A lot of my customers and contacts through my business and friends feel the same way and I’ve urged them to also voice their opinion.

Paul Rankin