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Case study on how Pixetell changes Office Phone

Case study on how Pixetell changes Office Phone

Pixetell has dramatically changed the way Mark Friel does business.  The vice president of Pacific Real Estate Partners in Portland, OR, says Pixetell has replaced the telephone for many of his transactional communications. “Sending someone a Pixetell is, in many cases, much better than a phone conversation,” he says. “When I need to reference something specific on a document, plan or drawing, it is much easier and clearer to do it with a Pixetell. Being able to capture the cursor movements makes it easy to show someone what you want done.”

Friel frequently needs to communicate the same information to several participants in a transaction. Again, Pixetell offers the ideal solution. “Instead of making five phone calls and telling each person essentially the same thing, I send them all a single Pixetell. Everyone gets the same message, and I’ve saved time and money.”
Friel says he generally makes and sends five to 10 Pixetells a week, mostly short and to the point messages. “It’s a powerful tool,” he says. “I’m a big proponent of the product.”

As an early adopter of the product, he says it’s given him a competitive edge in the real estate market.

Mark Friel,
Vice President,
Pacific Real Estate Partners, Inc