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Metro wage tax to hit 70% of all workers

By Oregon Small Business Association

One of the biggest businesses taxes is before METRO-area voters this week. It is Ballot Measure 26-218, and it is a wage tax that will hit larger employers, which represent nearly 70% of all workers in the Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas County.

In addition to taxing employers the Measure 26-218 wage tax hits private employers, colleges, churches, charities and non-profits. METRO exempted itself as well as other state and local governments from paying the tax.

The METRO wage tax, 26-218, would effectively be creating a new tax on local business as they are laying off employees due to extended lockdowns and a slow recovering economy. This also comes on the heels of another tax passed by METRO last May where both business income and personal income taxes were raised. Also on the ballot in Multnomah County is a 3% income tax to pay for universal preschool. This tax would hit many small businesses who pay their taxes as a pass through on their personal income taxes.

Employers should be alarmed over the level of new taxes facing them in 2020.