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WA, CA closing restaurants, bars. Oregon may be next.

By Oregon Small Business Association,

California, Washington, Ohio, Illinois and Massachusetts take measures to close (or encourage closing of) restaurants and bars.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said in his statement that “hours count and very strong measures are necessary to slow the spread of the disease.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom said, “We recognize that social isolation for millions of Californians is anxiety-inducing.  We need to meet this moment head on, and lean in and own this moment … and take actions we think are commensurate with the need to protect the most vulnerable Californians. I am confident these guidelines will be well received and will be appropriately enforced. If it is not being (done), we will do what we need to do.”

Oregon Governor Brown is expected to make an announcement today on new measures for Oregon which may include restrictions or voluntary limits on the restaurant industry.

The Oregonian stated, “Brown said she was considering a curfew for restaurants and bars, limiting their occupancy or potentially temporarily shutting them down altogether. The policy could have exceptions for take-out and restaurants where diners can be distant from each other.”

New York City ordered all nightclubs, theaters and concert venues to close by Tuesday.