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HB 2830, Business Sales Tax, unfair to small businesses

By Oregon Small Business Association, The Oregon Small Business Association opposes HB 2830 and the business sales tax otherwise known as the gross receipts sales tax. Taxing business sales instead of taxing profits means you are taxing businesses when they are not making a profit. It also means you are taxing small businesses during deep […]

Walden advances 11 energy bills

Gregg Walden Press Release, WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House Energy and Commerce Committee, chaired by Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River), today moved forward eleven bills to advance the nation’s energy infrastructure and improve energy efficiency. This comes as Walden continues his efforts to streamline the regulatory process and expand hydropower in Oregon.

Bill gives much needed help on business personal property tax

By Oregon Small Business Association, There is an important bill, Senate Bill 596 sponsored by State Senator Tim Knopp, which is up for a hearing today in the Senate Finance and Revenue.

Two types of business taxes considered

Joint Committee Meets On Business Tax Reform Quest Guest Opinion May 2, 2017 A Joint Committee of the Oregon Legislature met today to continue efforts to reform Oregon’s business tax system. Sen. Mark Hass (D-Portland) and Rep. Phil Barnhart (D-Eugene) serve as co-Chairs for the Joint Committee on Tax Reform. Increasing business taxes has been […]

HB 2006: Homeowners fret over losing mortgage deduction

By Oregon Small Business Association, A typical monthly mortgage payment consists of two parts: a repayment on a part of the principle borrowed, and an additional amount based on the interest rate the mortgager charges for the loan. These two items (“principal and interest” or P&I) are added together into one payment for the property […]

Oregon top consumer complaints

According to the Oregon Attorney General Office list of incoming calls of complaints, the number one complaint (repeating last year’s number one ranking) is imposter scam calls.  These calls make up more complaints than the remaining 9 other categories. See the list below for yourself. 1. Imposter Scam Calls (5,049 complaints) 2. Telecommunications (941 complaints) […]

Legislators eye S-Corp and C-Corp Tax Bills

By Oregon Small Business Association, Two important business tax bills up today in a House hearing. House Bill 2831 increases to $1,000 the minimum tax paid by S corporations with more than $25 million in Oregon sales. The tax increase would affect less than one-half of one percent of Oregon S corporations and would raise […]

SB 165 steals small business tax savings

OSBA Works Against Small Business Tax Increase By Oregon Small Business Association, Oregon Small Business Association President T.J. Riley appeared before the Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue  to testify against SB 165. This bill would force small businesses across Oregon to add at least one full-time equivalent employee (FTE) in order to qualify for […]

Portland band trademark case before Supreme Court

Wall Street Journal Editorial, Jan 18, 2017 If you start a rock band and give it a shocking name, can the government prevent you from trademarking it? That’s the question for the Supreme Court Wednesday as the Justices decide if the feds can discriminate against trademark applications based on the viewpoint of the speech. Simon […]

The pitfalls of employee rewards

By Dr. Eric Fruits, Oregon Economist On Demand Newsletter Employee of the Month. Sounds like a great idea. For the price of a cheap plaque and a good parking spot, bosses can motivate employees to deliver superior service. So the thinking goes. Academics call it “status competition.” And sometimes it backfires. Wells Fargo has been […]