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Uber does driver donation for Oregon Special Olympics

Press Release, Through Oct. 28, every time you ride the INSPIRE vehicle option, Uber will donate $1 to Special Olympics Oregon. The partnership was launched at a press conference today at Providence Park which will host the Fall State Games on Nov. 21-22. Uber was joined by SOOR CEO Margie Hunt, SOOR athlete Katie Dunn, […]

Oregon has become a target for pirate films

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation Oregon has become a target state for pirated films. The copyright holders for the Adam Sandler film “The Cobbler” have filed a lawsuit against 11 Oregon internet users for illegally watching the pirated film using the website Popcorn Time. A similar lawsuit for the Peirce Brosnan film “Survivor” has […]

Dave’s Killer Bread sold for $275 million

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation Dave’s Killer Bread, the best-selling organic bread in the nation, is being sold to Flower Foods, Inc. for $275 million. The company, founded by the Dahl family as Nature Bake in 1955, assumed the name of its best-selling variety after Dave’s Killer Bread launched as an instant success at […]

Jordan copyright case against NIKE dismissed

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation A lawsuit charging Nike with copyright infringement has been dismissed in federal court. Photographer Jacobus Rentmeester filed the suit in January, claiming Nike used the pose in his copyrighted image of Michael Jordan when they created their Jumpman logo. Rentmeester shot the original photo for a LIFE Magazine Special […]

Portland rated as top over-priced cities

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation, Forbes says Portland is overpriced Portland placed #12 on Forbes’ list of America’s Most Overpriced Cities. Los Angeles was #1, followed by Chicago, Miami, and New York. To come up with the list, Forbes compared the housing prices, living expenses, unemployment rates, and average salaries for workers with a […]

Oregon start-ups at 40 year low

Entrepreneurship in Oregon Plummets to Lowest Point in 40 years; Rate of Tech Startups Lags By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation Entrepreneurship in Oregon is currently at historic lows. According to a recent data from state economists, the number of new Oregon businesses entering the marketplace on an annual basis is proportionally lower than at […]

SB 478 toy law is super-sized problem for small stores

Editor’s Note – Below is an excellent small business article on the problems with SB 478 toy mandate bill by economist Dr. Eric Fruits as As featured in The Oregonian, April 11, 2015.   If you would like to contact your legislator on this issue, click here. “…just about any store selling these common toys would […]

Labor grabs new power to shut down your business!

Labor grabs new power to shut down your business! You are not safe! Oregon’s Labor Dept. (BOLI) is pushing House Bill 2386 which removes judges from labor & wage cases. The Labor Dept. would act as both judge and accuser when it shuts down a small business like yours with a cease and desist order. […]

Donate to OSBA and get the entire amount back!

The Oregon Political Tax Credit allows you to give any qualified political action committee (PAC) up to $50/individual or $100/couple and apply that donation to your Oregon income tax bill. The effect will be to either lower your income tax liability or increase your refund. This unique tax credit is the best way for you […]

OSBA at Capitol against costly Paid Sick Law

On February 16, 2015, OSBA spokesman, Tom Maginnis, testified before the Joint Senate & House Business & Labor committee on HB 2005 which mandates nearly 50 hours of paid sick leave. Maginnis gave an incredible TRUE-LIFE TESTIMONY on his own small business. When I was working for Mark Hatfield, constituents would tell me, “You don’t […]